Lease Agreement Template

By | June 15, 2011

A lease agreement template is a document which guides the framing of a lease agreement. A lease agreement is necessary in case of any transaction involving renting and hiring. It is a legal document and hence every attempt should be made to make it free from mistakes and as comprehensive as possible. Ambiguity is not desired in such documents.

Sample Lease Agreement Template

This lease agreement [number 273754] is based on the presupposition that all parties involved in the transaction have carefully read and understood the terms and clauses contained herein. Any breach of contract is liable to be penalized within the jurisdiction of the state. The particulars of the transaction are noted:

Name and address of lessor: ______________________________ [Provide the particulars of the lessor]

Name and address of the lessee: ____________________________ [Provide the particulars of the lessee]

Item to be leased: ________________________________ [Provide a detailed description of the item to be leased, including current price, nature, and condition at the time of leasing.]

The deponent is liable to be penalized in the following cases:

  • Clause 1: ________________________________
  • Clause 2: ________________________________
  • Clause 3: ________________________________ [Provide the relevant clauses, terms and conditions which will determine what constitutes a breach of contract]


  • Witness 1: ______________________________________
  • Witness 2: ______________________________________
  • Witness 3: _______________________________________ [Mention the names and addresses of the witness. Also include their professional designations for greater clarity. Their signatures must also be provided]

Signature of lessor: _______________________________________

Signature of lessee: _______________________________________ [Provide verified signatures of the lessor and lessee in full. Requisite attestations must be provided]

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