Lease Application Acceptance Letter

By | October 22, 2013

A lease application acceptance letter is a letter which a lessor or the owner of a property, writes to perspective tenant. In the letter the sender informs the recipient that his/ her application for the lease has been accepted and that the lease will be granted to him/ her. The letter also discusses other details like the terms of the arrangement etc. A sample of the letter is given below for the convenience of those in need.

Sample Lease Application Acceptance Letter


Mr. Ryan Ryder

47, Piston Street

Parton Square Gardens

New York, USA

27th September 2013

Subject: Response to the lease application: accepted.

Mr. Ryan Ryder

This letter is in response to the lease application you have filed at our real estate office in Manhattan, New York. It is a pleasure to inform you that the Marcel Real Estate Agency has decided to accept your lease application. You will thus be granted the lease for the condo located at 456, 3rd and mains, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Based on the details mentioned in your application, you make the most suitable of the tenants. The condo has a beautiful view and is one our premium properties and you will have a great time living there. As you requested in your application, the condo can be leased out to you for a period of 2 years. Prior to finalising the lease we will have to reach amicable terms of arrangement. It is thus required that we arrange a meeting to the earliest possible date, and move forward with the lease contract.

One of our officials will contact you regarding the meeting options, as soon as we receive a reply to this letter. Please make note of replying within 3 days of receiving this letter. In case of any delay we will have to contact the other suitable tenant. Waiting for a reply

Thanking you

Ms. Donna Henderson

Senior Manager

Marcel Real Estate Agency

Contact No.: 8825657

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