Lease Application Form

By | August 29, 2012

Lease application form is pre-constructed layout that serves as an application for acquiring a property in lease from the lessor for use of any certain purpose. Thus, such kind of a form should have adequate provision for mentioning relevant credentials of lessee along with a signature in order to make it an authenticate document. Moreover, such kind of application layout must have a separate section devoted for specifying terms and conditions applied for leasing the concern property.

Sample Lease Application Form

Lease Application for ___________________________

[To be filled by an adult applicant]

Lessee Name _____________________________ Date of Birth ___ [dd]/___ [mm]/___ [yy] Social Security Number: ____________________ Home (Phone) ___________________

Prior and Present Address:

House No: _____________________ Street ____________________ Post Code _________

State: _________________________

Present Occupation:

Company Name: ___________________, Designation _______________

Company Address: ___________________________________________________________


I __________________________ hereafter known as the “lessee” wish to acquire the property ____________________________________ from ____________________________ hereafter known as “lessor” for the purpose of ______________________. The above-mentioned property would be given on lease for a period of ____________________ [years/months] in lieu of a payment of ________________ [$] monthly.

Both the parties are subjected to legal terms and conditions, violation of which might lead to serious actions against the offender.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Lessee would be responsible for any kind of maintenance of the concern property within the lease period.
  • Extension of lease period is a matter of agreement under legal vigilance. Hence, both the parties should have written consent prior extending lease tenure.
  • Lessor is supposed to provide payment receipt slip to the lessee on receiving the rent of every month.
  • Violation of any terms and conditions by any of the party might lead to legal actions.

___________________________                         ________________             _________

[Name of the Lessee]                                              [Date]                                 [Place]

____________________________                         ________________           __________

[Name of the Lessor]                                             [Date]                                 [Place]

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