Lease Application

By | March 10, 2013

When a willing individual or company wishes to lease any property, then it is required to write a lease application to the leasing company providing some details. Going through these details, the owner of the property would decide if they want to lease out the property to this candidate.

While filling out a lease application, the following details are to be provided.

  • The property for which the lease is to be taken is to be stated. Moreover, the duration of the lease, the starting date and the ending date are to be mentioned also.
  • The monthly rent that would-be-lease holder is willing to pay and the terms of the lease are to be clearly stated.
  • Personal details of the primary and secondary applicant are to be provided. Details like name, date of birth, social security number, gender, contact number, email address are imperative. Current address and previous address would also have to be provided.
  • In the section ‘Lease Agreement Terms’, the duration of the lease period, the sum of money to be paid as rent, security charges are to be mentioned.
  • A vital piece of agreement is ‘Condition of premises’. It is a disclaimer that states that the tenant has inspected the premises and found it to be clean and in order. The tenant agrees to do the same.

The advantage of lease application is it puts the requirements of the would be leaseholder on print and makes it easier for the company to understand and provide the client with a suitable deal.

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