Lease Buyout Letter

By | July 11, 2012

A lease buyout is a condition when the lessor gives an option to the lessee to buy the house or commodity which is being leased. Lease buyout takes place when the lessee agrees to buy the item either at the end of the lease term or during the effective period. A lease buyout letter is a letter which is written by a lessee to the lessor to inform him/her about the lease buyout decision.

Any such letter is a formal document and is written by following a formal format of writing. Given below is a sample of a lease buyout letter which can be used by any person as a reference document.

Sample Lease Buyout Letter:


Jack Barry

F-90, second floor, Martin square,

West Park tower, London


16th June 2012

Subject: lease buyout application

Dear Mr. Barry,

Hello Mr. Barry, hope you are doing fine.  I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I am interested in buying the car that I have leased for a period of 3 years. The termination date i.e. 12th July 2012 of the lease is coming near and I wish to by the car as per the contract that we signed during leasing of the car.

I realise that the buying of the car may cost me a sum of $2000 but I am willing to pay it considering the perfect condition that it is in. As per the terms of the lease agreement signed between us, I shall be paying you the sum of buying the car on the termination date of the agreement by drawing a cheque in your name.

In case you do not wish to sell the car or have any other lessee lined up for the car lease after the termination date, then please let me know beforehand.

Thanking you

Kell Peters

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