Lease Contract Format

By | June 15, 2011

A lease contract format is a document which outlines the means by which a lease contract can be framed. A lease contract highlights the particulars of a lease deal, giving it legal validity and standing. It must be read and understood carefully as the details contained in the lease contract are final and decisive in case of any contention.

Sample Lease Contract Format

This lease contract must be read carefully by all involved. In case of a breach of contract the deponents are subject to legal penalty. The following are the particulars of the lease contract:

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a lease contract must outline the basic information regarding the lessor and lessee. It must contain details of the lease contract, the time of validity of the contract and the particulars of the item or property to be leased. All information provided must be supported with attested photocopies of identity and residence proof. All traces of ambiguity must be done away with.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a lease contract must move onto outlining the terms and conditions governing the lease contracts. It must put forward the cases which might be considered a breach of contract. The penalty that will be incurred in case of a breach must also be specified alluding to the relevant sections of the law.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must form a fitting conclusion to the lease contract. It must include the signatures of the lessee and the lessor as well as that of witnesses who will ratify the lease contract.

Signature of lessee: _______________________________

Signature of lessor: _______________________________

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