Lease Contract Resignation Letter

By | October 28, 2013

Resignation of lease is the situation where the tenant wants to resign from the lease and wants a premature termination of the contract. The reasons for the required termination may vary, there are also costs incurred in a premature termination. In a lease contract resignation letter, the individual who wishes to resign the lease writes to the other about his/ her decision. A sample of the same is given below.

Sample Lease Contract Resignation Letter


Mr. Jimmy Ball

25, Main Street, City Square

State of Ohio


27th September 2013

Subject: Letter for resignation of the lease contract.

Dear Mr. Ball

It is a grave and unfortunate time for our family and due the demise of my father in law and some other factors beyond my control, I would like to resign from our leasing contract. The contract holds for the house located on the plot no 356, Betterton Street, New High City, Ohio, USA. The actual expiry of lease/ or the fixed term, as mentioned in the contract is 30th April 2014.

But I would like to resign lease and terminate the contract by the 30th of October 2013. My family will vacate the house, complete packed and clean latest by the above mentioned date. I know there will be charges incurred in the premature termination. To avoid any such charges accrued to either of us, I am suggesting a sub- tenant who will take up a lease contract on the exact same terms as ours. I have verified the details of the tenant and would personally recommend him.

There will be no costs incurred upon you in relation to this transition. At this point of time it is required that the parties to the original contract sign a termination of contract document. I hope you will understand my situation and agree to this proposal. I will be waiting for a reply,

Thanking you

Mr. Jameson Carter

Contact No.: 888967863

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