Lease Contract Template

By | June 15, 2011

A lease contract template is a document which serves as a guide for the framing of a lease contract. A lease contract is framed between the lessor and the lessee as a form of agreement and compliance with the clauses contained in the same. A lease contract template thus is a vital document and must be written carefully.

Sample Lease Contract Template

This lease contract [Number 347565], drawn on the________________ [Mention the date], indicates the careful perusal of the clauses contained in the same by all involved in the negotiation.

The lessor ________________ [Name and address of the lessor] has agreed to the leasing of the apartment, addressed_________________ [Address of the apartment], to the lessee ____________ [Name and address of the lessee] for the stipulated duration of __________ [Time of contract] years, starting from ___________ [Date of commencement of lease] to __________ [Date of termination].

The apartment, with an area of__________ [Area of the apartment], is priced at __________ [Price] by current real estate prices. It will be given to the lessee without any furniture or other items. The lessee has paid the initial down payment of $_______________ [Initial money paid] and is bound by contract to pay the remaining amount over the course of _____________ [Duration of contract] years as stipulated.

The terms and conditions governing this lease contract are attached in annexure 2 of this document. Please read them carefully before signing. In case of a breach of contract legal proceedings will be initiated.  The requisite permissions are also attached with this document as attested photocopies.

Signature of lessor: ______________________

Signature of lessee: _______________________

Signature of advocate: _____________________

Place: ___________________

Date: ____________________ [Provide the relevant details]



Lease Contract 

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