Lease Contract Termination Letter

By | November 6, 2013

A lease contract termination letter is the letter which either the lessor or the lessee write to the other stating that the former wants a termination of the lease contract they had formed. The sender must mention in the letter all the relevant details about the termination for example the reason, the date by which termination is required etc.

The sample letter given below is where the tenant informs the owner of his wish to terminate the contract before expiry, and discussion of further details.

Sample Lease Contract Termination Letter


Mr. Jimmy Rushford

22, Carson Street

Lower Manhattan

New York


29th September 2013

Subject: Letter requesting the termination of the lease contract

Dear Mr. Rushford

I would like to inform you that I wish to terminate our lease contract before the actual date of expiry. I will vacate the apartment at 57/ 54, Harmon Street, Westover Lake, New York, USA; by the 5th of November 2013 at the latest. The actual date of expiry of the contract was 25th January 2014, but in keeping with the terms of our contract I am informing you 1 month in advance.

I will clean the place and will hand over the keys to you latest by above mentioned date. There are no certain damages to the place, and it has been a pleasure living in this beautiful house. Due to the new job opportunity I am shifting to another city and thus have to leave this place. I believe that you will wish to show the place to new prospect tenants; it will be a pleasure coordinating the time to make that possible if before 5th of November.’

We can discuss further procedure and the security refund details as soon as we make time to meet. Kindly revert back to me with a time of meeting that suits you,

Thanking you

Mr. David Martin

Contact No.: 883980583

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