Lease Extension Agreement Letter

By | August 29, 2012

A lease extension agreement letter refers to that type of letter which is exchanged between the lessee and the lessor discussing the extension of a lease. The letter is a mode via which the parties involved in the lease proceed towards extending the lease and come to frame an agreement specifying the extension of the lease. Given here is a sample of a lease extension agreement letter written by the lessor to the lessee discussing the terms of the extension of a car lease.

Sample Lease Extension Agreement Letter


Ms. Hailey Rushford

4325, Paton Villa

Parson Mason Street, West Village

West Virginia, USA.

4th January, 2010

Subject: The terms of the car lease extension

Dear Miss Rushford

I, Henry Dillard am writing this letter to discuss the extension of the car lease that has been issued to you by our lease agency. Details of the car are:

  • Type: 4-door Sedan
  • Manufacturer/ Model: Rolls- Royce, Phantom
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Plates No: WV 467

In the response to the extension request from you, it is my pleasure to inform that the lease is being extended for a period of 9 months as per the request. The terms of the agreement are as follows:

  • The payment of the lease must be made in whole on the signing of the contract.
  • The lessee is responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle on the expiry and must make appropriate payments.
  • The car insurance and the maintenance of the vehicle are the sole responsibility of the lessee, over the period of the lease.
  • The lease is not a transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

We hope to hear from you to the earliest possible day.

Thanking you

Mr. Henry Dillard

General Manager

Dillard Lease and Rentals

325, St. Patrick Street

Bard Complex, West Village

West Virginia, USA.

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