Lease Extension Form

By | December 17, 2011

A lease extension form is a document which contains the revised terms and conditions that will ensure that an existing lease contract is suitably changed to meet new extension requirements. When the lessee requests the lessor to extend the lease contract beyond the date of termination of the contract, the resulting document is a lease extension form which contains all the required information, and must be filled in correctly by both lessor and lessee.

Sample Lease Extension Form:

Please fill in [in block letters] the information in the spaces provided below. All information provided should be accurate.

Personal information

Name of lessor: ________________________________

Name of lessee: ________________________________

Address of lessor: _______________________________

Address of lessee: _______________________________

Lease information:

Duration of original lease contract: ________________________

Date of commencement and termination of original lease contract: _______________ [dd/mm/yy] to __________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Extended date of termination of lease contract: _________________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Lease contract extended by: _______________________ [months/years]

Terms and Conditions:

Revised monthly rental which the lessee has to pay the lessor: __________________________

Revised monthly rentals come into effect from: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Additional security deposit which the lessee must pay to the lessor: ____________________

Last date of paying additional security deposit: ________________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Purpose for which the leased property can be used: ___________________________

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Check overleaf for more details. In case of any disputes, the case shall be tried under the Sessions Court of New York.

Signature of lessor: ________________________________

Signature of lessee: ________________________________

Signature of advocate: _____________________________

Date: ___________________                                              Place: ________________________

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