Lease Extension Letter

By | December 17, 2011

A lease extension letter is a document which outlines the method of requesting an extension of an already existing lease by the lessee to the lessor. Such a document must be written well, and clearly, explaining the reasons for extending the lease agreement and why the lessee believes that the extension shall be in the interest of both himself and the lessor. A lease extension letter must be courteous and carefully written, and it should be neat and business like as well.

Sample Lease Extension Letter:


Mr. Jonathan Harker,

12B Southern Avenue,

New York

Date: 12th April 2011

Subject: Lease Extension

Respected Sir,

This letter is a lease extension letter which I hope you shall look upon with favor and kindness. I wish to extend out apartment lease, which shall be terminating on the 3rd of June 2011, for a period of one year. All my dues have been cleared and as you are aware, I have never defaulted on monthly rental payments, or all associated payments that were expected of me. I wish that you would consider extending the date of termination of the apartment lease [number 54754] from 3rd June 2011 to 2nd June 2011.

The reason I wish for the extension is that, having been denied permission to be transferred to New Jersey until next year, I find myself having to contemplate living in the city for another year. With the excellent facilities you have offered me, and the respect I have for you, I hope that you will allow this profitable relationship to continue for the remaining period of my stay in New York.

Thanking you,

Samantha Brown,

12B Leicester Square,

New York.

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