Lease Extension Request Letter

By | August 29, 2012

A lease extension request letter is a letter which a lessee writes to the lessor of the property or commodity on lease. The purpose of the letter is to request the lessor to extend the lease on the respective commodity/ property before it is due for expiry. The letter makes a formal request from the sender. Also the parties involved in the lease contract discuss various points in reference to the arrangement such as the terms of the deal etc. with the help of such letters.

Sample Lease Extension Request Letter


Mr. James Carson

235, Hanson Building

St. Patrick Street

Jacksonville, Pennsylvania


23rd October, 2010

Subject: Request for lease extension

Dear Mr. Carson

I am Mr. Jack Thompson, the tenant/ lessee of the residential property on the location- 455, Halley Park Building, Victoria Street, Jacksonville, Pennsylvania USA. I am writing this letter to formally request an extension on the lease that has been issued to me on this property.

The lease is due to expire on the 31st of October, 2010. I wish to extend the lease with same terms and conditions. The terms of the lease arrangement are as follows:

  • The lessee must make the lease rent payment not later than the 7th of every month.
  • Any delay in the payments will be treated as per the wishes of the lessor.
  • The lease is in no way to be mistaken for a transfer of ownership.
  • The lessee is required to take the permission or inform the lessor in case of any constructions or repairs respectively.
  • The lessee is required to pay for the maintenance, the electricity and other bills.

I kindly request you to consider the extension of the lease and revert back with any changes, those if you wish to make to the arrangement.

Thanking you

Mr. Jack Thompson

Mobile No: 423-634-745

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