Lease Form Format

By | June 15, 2011

A lease form format is a document which highlights the modules of a lease form. A lease form is drafted between two parties in order to cement a lease transaction. This is a legally valid document and must be written well in order to be unambiguous and fool proof. A lease form format thus eliminates the chances of making mistakes in the actual document.

Sample Lease Form Format

This lease form is based on the presupposition that all parties involved have clearly read and understood the terms contained herein, and that they solemnly promise to abide by the same. The following are the particulars of the lease form:

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a lease form must provide the scope of entering the names and other particulars of both the lessor and the lessee. It must include all details that are relevant and that pertain to the lease deal such as social security number, professional designation, bank information etc.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of the lease form must provide information about the item or property to be leased. The condition of the item must be specified so that its condition on return can be judged. The terms and conditions governing the lease form must also be stated. This is an important section of the lease form and must be written carefully.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of the lease form must provide a fitting conclusion. It must have provision for details about the witnesses who will ratify the lease form. The entire form must be concluded with signatures of both the lessee and the lessor.

Signature of lessor: ____________________________

Signature of lessee: ____________________________

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