Lease Form Template

By | June 15, 2011

A lease form template is a document which outlines the means of writing a lease form. A lease form is a document which validates, in a legal manner, the transaction between two individuals or organizations. A lease form template, by indicating which facts are to be filled in and where, lessens the prospects of error.

Sample Lease Form Template

I, _______________ [Name of the lessor], henceforth referred to as the lessor, of _____________________ [Address of the lessor], agree to lease an apartment located at ______________________ [Address of the apartment to be leased], to ________________, [Name of the lessee], henceforth referred to as the lessee, of ___________ [Address of the lessee], for the duration of _____________ [Duration] years commencing from_______________________ [Date of commencement of contract]. This lease transaction will be valid till _____________ [Date of termination].

The apartment to be leased is valued at $ ______________ [Price of apartment to be leased] by current real estate pricings. It occupies an area of ____________ [Area] square feet and is to be used by the lessee for family occupancy only. No other item will be provided with the apartment. Any damage caused during the period of occupancy will be borne by the lessee.

The lessee has already paid a down payment of $ ________________ [Initial amount paid by the lessee to the lessor] as per the initial agreements. The remaining amount will be paid by him over the duration of ________________ [Time period of occupancy] years.

Signature of lessor: __________________________

Signature of lessee: __________________________

Date: _________________________________

Place: _________________________________ [Provide the relevant details]

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