Lease Forms

By | August 29, 2012

Lease forms are legally binding documents which outlines the terms and conditions on which a deal is to be finalized between two or more parties.

  • Lease forms can be of multiple types, as that between a landlord and his tenant, or between a goods company and a temporary customer etc.
  • The different types of forms make it imperative that the form suited to a particular type of transaction is carefully and elaborately made.
  • Since it is legally binding document, all precautions should be taken to ensure completely correct information and authenticity.
  • It must be made by the parties keeping their lawyers and legal advisors on board as far as possible.

A lease form must include all information related to a particular transaction including the rent to be paid per month, security deposit, payments to be made in case of damage of goods, etc. The lessor and lessee have to sign the finished document in order to concede their agreement and activate it. Lease forms are availed from government sources or notary offices.

The advantage of using a lease form is the transparency and security it involves since it is legally binding it is a valuable documentary source of evidence in case of any fraudulence. It must be framed carefully keeping all the areas of contention clearly highlighted. The consent of all parties involved. A lease form must be attested by all government officials to ensure validity and effectiveness. It is a document that must be accorded the respect it deserves.

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