Lease Letter Format

By | June 15, 2011

A lease letter format is structured as a letter, outlining the modes by which a lease letter is framed. A lease letter format indicates how such a letter should be written so that the appropriate tone is conveyed. Since such a document has a legal import, it must be written well. A lease letter format eliminates the chance of mistakes.

Sample Lease Letter Format


Name of the Recipient

Address of the Recipient

Subject: Lease Letter

First paragraph: The first paragraph of a lease letter addressed to the lessee must include the details of the transaction for the benefit of all concerned and to ensure transparency. Details of the item or property to be leased by the lessor must also be mentioned. More importantly, the condition of the item must also be specified as that can influence what might be constituted as damage to the item.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph of a lease letter must enlist the terms and conditions that will govern the lease deal. It must clearly state the cases in which penalty might be imposed on the lessee. The assurances made by the lessor must also be specified. It must be ratified by authorized personnel including witnesses and advocates.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph of the lease letter must convey the hope of a fruitful relationship between lessor and lessee. A sense of goodwill must be conveyed. The lessor must also outline the duration of the contract and the division of payments that the lessee is expected to make.

Thanking you,

Name of the Sender

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