Lease Letter Template

By | June 15, 2011

A lease letter template is a detailed illustration of a lease letter. It provides all the basic information pertaining to the participants and property involved in the lease. Since it is a vital document, it is important to read, understand and know the legal intricacies of the deal. Any mistake on part of the lessee can culminate in a punishable offence. The statements should be clear and avoid ambiguity of language or meaning.

Sample Lease Letter Template

Respected Sir,

This ________________ [Name of the lease] letter is to inform you that I wish to draw up a lease. All the information provided here is true to my knowledge and I accept the terms and conditions laid down by the court of law. The relevant documents have been enclosed herewith. The following are the details of the concerned lease:

Name and address of lesser: ______________________________ [Mention the name and address of the person/organization leasing the property]

Name and address of the lessee: ___________________________ [Provide the details of the lessee hiring the property]

Date of drawing up of the lease: ___________________________ [Provide the proper date in words]

Details of the property to be transacted:

  • Name: __________________________
  • Model number [if applicable]: ____________________
  • Present condition/state: ___________________________
  • Current price: ____________________ [Provide details about the property]

Dates of validity: _______________________ [dd/mm/yy] to _____________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Purpose of the leased property: ___________________________ [Mention the reasons for leasing and the use of the property to ensure maximum transparency]

Name and address of the witness who ratifies the lease: ________________________

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

________________ [signature of the lessee in full]

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