Lease Purchase Report

By | January 21, 2012

A lease purchase report is an official document that assesses the various details of a certain lease purchase and accounts for each of the corresponding information. The lease purchase contract is generally signed between two parties, legally referred to as the lessor and the lessee. The report for such a deal and its underlying aspects has to be performed systematically and by individuals who are aware of the legal consequences of the terms and conditions of the particular lease purchase contract.

You can Download the Free Lease Purchase Report, customize it according to your needs and Print. Lease Purchase Report is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Lease Purchase Report:

Lease Purchase Report

Download Lease Purchase Report

Lease Number: 890024


As on


1. Lease will be purchased from [name of lessor] Peter Johannson [Male; Age – 56 years]
2. Lease will be purchased by [name of lessee] James Mark [Male; Age – 34 years]
3. Date of commencement of lease purchase 18th December, 2011 [18.12.2011]
4. Date of termination of lease purchase 18th December, 2012 [18.12.2012]
5. Term of validity of lease purchase One (1) year [18.12.2011 – 18.12.2012]
6. Property subject to lease purchase 15/B, Kelvin Mart Apartments

8, Palm Avenue


7. Nature of lease purchase The property will be purchased on lease for a term of one year, on completion of which the property will be subject to legal proceedings, as will be applicable then. During the entire term of validity of the lease purchase contract, the responsibility of the property will be of the lessee only, failing to maintain which he might be subject to imprisonment or penalized with a fine of $48500.

The property is restricted to “residential use” only and any other method of utilization of property will be legally termed as “breach of contract”.

8. Payments made An initial payment of $235000 has been made by means of cheque [cheque no.:756491]

The remaining $500000 will be paid on completion of the term of lease.

9. Proofs submitted
  • Identity Proof
  • Residential Proof
  • License to buy property
  • Driving License
  • Income Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate
10. Witnesses
  1. Jacob Brown

___________________ [signature]

  1. John Richard [attorney]

___________________ [signature]

I hereby declare that all the information given in the lease purchase report is true to the best of my knowledge.

_________________________ [Signature of lessor]

_____________ [Date]

___________________________ [Signature of lessee]

______________ [Date]

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