Lease Renewal Letter

By | January 6, 2012

A lease renewal letter is a document which is initiated by the lessee. He requests the lessor to renew the lease agreement, and if the latter agrees, the procedures and the legal formalities are completed accordingly. Thus, a lease renewal letter must contain all information about the previous lease. It should also establish the credibility of the lessee so that renewal is affected much more easily. A lease renewal letter must be written in a courteous and polite tone, as the lessor holds the discretion as to whether it should be renewed.

Sample Lease Renewal Letter:


Jason Batemann

34, Allen Market Area

Canning Street,

New York.

Subject: Lease Renewal Letter

Respected Sir,

This letter is to request you to consider my lease renewal proposal. The car lease initiated between the two of us on the 5th of June 2011 is to come to an end on the 5th of June 2012. I request you to renew the lease again for a period of one more year, so that I shall be able to use the car for another year. The model of the car that had been leased by me from your automobile agency is a Fiat 66, with a license plate number of SEG883478. The initial security deposit paid by me was 4000USD and the monthly rental charges were 100USD.

If you agree to renew the lease deal, please do notify me at the address provided below so that we can start the legal paperwork immediately.

Yours truly

Jacob Oran

12 Apple View Estates

New York

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