Lease Renewal Notice Letter

By | November 11, 2013

A lease renewal notice letter refers to the letter the tenant of a property or the owner writes to the other discussing/ informing about the renewal of lease. In the letter the sender makes his/ her point and mentions all the details that are relevant to their situation. In the sample lease renewal notice letter below, the tenant is writing to the owner of his/her wish to renew the lease and other details.

Sample Lease Renewal Notice Letter


Mr. Jeremy Gilbert

22, Carton Street

Briton City Square

New York


28th September 2013

Subject: Letter for renewal of the lease contract.

Dear Jeremy Gilbert

I am writing this letter in response to the letter you wrote mentioning that the date for the expiry of our lease contract is approaching. The date of expiry is 14th December 2013 and you wished to be informed one month prior to that. So I am informing you that I would very much like a renewal of the contract. The property at 47, Parson Street, James Canary Apartments, New York, have been serving me really well. It is great to know that you will have me as a tenant and agree to the renewal of contract.

As per the terms of our contract I would pay for all the renewal charges that will be incurred in the process. I am taking proper care of the apartment and it is a pleasure to inform you that it is in the best of condition. As per the terms of the contract this letter will serve as the 1 month notice and the beginning of the renewal process. Also I am perfectly fine with the present terms of contract, if you wish to make any changes to the terms we can discuss it.

I will be meeting with my lawyer to initiate the process within a week’s time, kindly revert back with any changes or recommendation you have in mind. I will also keep you posted.

Thanking you

Mr. David Martin

Contact No.: 883980583

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