Lease Rent Form

By | January 21, 2012

A lease rent form is a legal document available in a pre-laid format, with spaces provided for filling up of the details specific to the property being rented on lease and information of both the parties involved in the lease rent. The form is designed according to the basic structure of a lease rent document and details are filled in the appropriate places, in the presence of the lessor, lessee, and other witnesses.

Sample Lease Rent Form:

Form No.: _____________

This lease rent document has been drafted to seal the contract of renting the property at ______________to _____________ [herein referred to as the “lessee”], aged _____ years and residing at_____________________, by ______________ [herein referred to as the “lessor”], aged ______ years and residing at_____________________. The property will be given on rent from the _____ day of __________, 20___ till the ______ th of _____________, 20___, that is, for a term of____________________.

The property to be given on rent will have to be used strictly for __________________ purposes. As agreed by the lessee, he/ she will be making a monthly payment of $ __________. An initial payment of $ _____________ will have to be made through _____________.

It must be noted very carefully that all costs of repair and maintenance, electricity, water supply and other miscellaneous costs will have to be given by the lessee during the entire term the property will be on rent. Any other use of the property will be considered as “breach of contract terms” and will be considered as a legally punishable offence. The lessee will have to bear a fine of $ ____________ and/or imprisonment for a term of ___ years or more, as decided by the court.

Signature of lessor: ____________________

Signature of lessee: ____________________

Signature of lawyer: ___________________

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