Lease Rent Format

By | January 21, 2012

A lease rent format provides the outline for the preparation of a document corresponding to a certain lease rent agreement. The format should be in the form of a layout that contains the general structure and details of a lease rent. It should provide guidelines for effective filling up and inclusion of necessary details that define the particular lease rent and pertains to the legal aspects of the contract.

Sample Lease Rent Format:

Lease Rent number: This section should contain the serial number of the particular lease rent document.

This lease rent has been signed under due consideration of the fact that all the terms and conditions of this agreement are authentic and pertains to the legal standards, and have been thoroughly read and understood by both the parties involved in this lease contract.

General description of the lease rent: The first portion of the lease rent document should contain a general description of the parties of the lease, the one giving the property on lease rent [to be referred to as the lessor in the document] and the other party accepting the lease rent [to be referred to as the lessee in the document].

Date of commencement of lease: Mention the exact date when the lease will be initiated.

Date of termination of lease: Mention the date when the lease validity completes.

Term of validity: Give the exact span of validity of the lease rent.

Terms and conditions:

This section should contain detailed description of the clauses of the lease, such as the location and measure of property, payment(s) made and the pending ones, restrictions of use, and such other terms and conditions inherent to the lease rent. It should also include the term of payment of rent and the rate.

Cancellation of lease and penalties:

This section should discuss the conditions for “breach of contract” and the punishments and penalties for the same.

______________________ [Signature of lessor]

______________________ [Signature of lessee]

______________________ [Signature of advocate]

______________________ [Signature of witness]

Date: _____________                                                                      Place: ___________________

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