Lease Termination Notice Letter

By | November 19, 2013

A lease termination notice letter is the letter which either the lessor/ lessee write to the other party notifying them of their wish to terminate the lease contract. The letter conveys the message the sender wishes to extend to the receiver.

The basic purpose of the letter is taking the first step in the legal process of the termination of the contract or the lease. The letter serves as the recorded certification of the notice being issued from the sending party to the receiving party.

Sample Lease Termination Notice Letter


Mr. George Wellington

243, Parson Street,

Brooklyn, New York


30th September 2013

Subject: Termination of Lease Notice

Dear George

I am writing this letter to inform you that I would like to terminate the lease contract we had signed for the warehouse property in the West Virginia. I have issued a termination of lease notice to take the process of lease termination for the property located at 425, West Lake City, West Virginia, USA.

I would like to vacate the said property in the last week of November 2013. And since the notification has been served well before the 1 month notice period I am expecting a complete refund of my security amount. The property is in the best condition and there are no damages that have been caused to the property. You are welcome to conduct an inspection to fulfill any reservation you hold in regards to the maintenance and the state of the property. In case you find any damages and believe that you are entitled to a settlement for it, kindly give me a detailed and itemized representation of it.

It was a pleasure dealing with you for all those years and I hope even the termination process will go on smoothly. Revert back as soon as possible,

Thanking you

Mr. James Kennedy

Contact No.: 883980583

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