Lease Termination Notice

By | January 21, 2012

A lease termination notice is a document issued by a person to notify the termination of a lease at or prior to the date specified in the lease contract. The notice informs the date on or from which the deal would be nullified and states the corresponding actions that might be taken for the premature termination of the lease.

Sample Lease Termination Notice


To Toni Richardson,

This is to notify that the contract through which the lessee held possession of the premise mentioned in lease no. 486 has been considered to be terminated as of June 31, 2012. The lessee is hereby informed to vacate and handover the premises on or before the said date.

The lease mentioned above was signed between Kevin Hughes as the lessor and Toni Richardson as the lessee, and was dated January 1, 2012 and covers the property located in 89B, Kelvinton Street, New York. The lessee is hereby assured that the agreed security deposit will be refunded along with proper compensation for the premature termination of the contract due to certain unavoidable circumstances. However, on inspection of the property if the lessor comes upon any breach of contract then the aforementioned compensation shall be reviewed upon. Nonetheless, if the lessee is unable to vacate the premise within the said date due to any legitimate reason, the lessor must be informed of the problem so that a mutual agreement may be reached through further discussions.

Dated: March 15, 2012.

Signature of the lessor:

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