Lease Termination Tenant

By | January 21, 2012

The lease termination tenant is done particularly when the tenant wishes to end the contractual agreement between the owner and him before the expiry of the stipulated leasing period. This can be done for several reasons such as dissatisfaction with the property or object leased or no further utility for it by the tenant. This must be done at least few days in advance and should be sent to the owner as form of a legal notice stating the purpose and reason for termination. The lease termination tenant should state all details in a clear and lucid manner.

Sample Lease Termination Tenant:

The Lease Termination has been issued by the tenant, Mr. Dominic Angelo for cancellation to be made to the property that has been rented from FORUTY Real Estates.

  • Property Address:  25, Baker Street, Woodland, Michigan.
  • Rent p.m. : $2300


  • The tenant is unhappy with the location of the property and wished to relocate immediately.
  • A 24 day advance notice has already been sent to FORUTY Real Estates and the required action for termination should be taken immediately.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Mr. Dominic Angelo must be paid back 14% of the security deposit made. The total deposit made was $42,000.
  • The property has already been arranged to be cleared of Mr. Angelo’s personal belongings and will be vacated by 5.6.2011.
  • The date of termination should be by 30.6.2011 as Mr. Angelo wishes to sign another lease contract within the given date.
  • No damage or changes have been made to the property rented.

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