Lease Transfer Service

By | April 23, 2012

The lease transfer service is offered by companies that specialize in helping tenants getting better lease deals from their original lease contract. It is important to state to the service providers what sort of lease one is looking for. This sort of transfer service is great for those looking for short term leases. The whole point is to ensure that a better deal is provided to the tenant. One must read all the terms and conditions of the transfer, especially the extra charges incurred, before hiring. It is important that the transfer service payment does not actually exceed the lease rent.

Sample Lease Transfer Service

AUTO FONTECH Services has been hired for the transfer of lease of Ford Fiat 203 (automobile) for an Audi V 200.

Name of Tenant: Ying Smith

Period of Original Lease: 2 years

Transfer Date: 2.3.2011

Period remaining for new lease: 1 year 3 months

Terms of Transfer:

  • The tenant hereby agrees to transfer the lease obligations with renewed rent terms.
  • Validity of lease remains the same.
  • New rent: $3000 per quarter (instead of $4,500).
  • Transfer charges: $1000.
  • In case of new tenant, he or she must accept all the obligations of the original tenant.
  • The new lease is subject to renewal on request.
  • Security deposit of $12,000 is subject to refund but only 62.5%.

The tenant, Miss Smith, has read all the terms and conditions and agrees to transfer the lease for an Audi V 200. She will be subject to same legal obligations as before.

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