Lease Transfer Template

By | March 3, 2012

Lease transfer template refers to a basic structure which can be used to create a lease transfer agreement. When the lessee is not able to continue the lease due to some reason, he can transfer the lease to another individual’s name, thereby transferring all the rights and responsibilities too. The lease transfer template is created in such a way that you can put your information, contact details, reason for transferring lease and the terms and conditions in the blank spaces. In this way the template helps one to make a customised lease transfer agreement. The agreement also requires the signature of all the three parties: the tenant, the new tenant and the landlord.

Sample Lease Transfer Template:

The Lease Transfer agreement has been entered on [mention date and year] by the tenant [give name of original tenant] for a property rented from [mention name of landlord or lessor]. According to the agreement, he hereby transfers all the responsibilities and obligations of the lease to [give name of new or replacement tenant], who will be regarded as the replacement tenant.

  • Property Address:  [give address of the property leased]
  • Rent p.m. : [mention monthly rent amount]


  • [Give the reason or reasons regarding why the tenant is transferring the lease to the replacement tenant]

Terms and Conditions:

  • [Mention the new terms and conditions of the lease transfer agreement. It may refer to the security deposit, rules and regulations and consent of the landlord to the agreement]

Signature: (Give signature of Tenant)

Signature (Give signature of Replacement Tenant)

Signature (Give signature of Landlord)

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