Legal Lease Extension

By | December 17, 2011

A legal lease extension is a document which translates the official decision of lease renewal into a legally permitted and validated agreement between the concerned parties. It focuses on the prolonging of a lease which was originated in a prior professional setting. The document stipulated on this aspect must have the indications quoted in clear terms.

Sample Legal Lease Extension

This legal lease extension agreement is created between the lessor and the lessee, who has reciprocally acknowledged a legal extension of an existing lease on 6th December, 2010. The terms and conditions initially proposed for the lease have been kept same without alteration.

The following are the major tenets of the legally originated lease:

  • The original legal lease was sanctioned with reference to a copier (model: 033, make: 2008 and color: black).
  • The original term period agreed was operative from 5th August, 2010 to 4th January, 2011.
  • The security deposit paid against the copier was $5000, agreed to be refunded at the end of the original lease term.

The following are the major tenets of the legally extended lease:

  • The extended lease has been sanctioned with reference to the same copier (refer to the details).
  • The legal term period has been extended to 4th August, 2011 on which the term will expire and the copier will have to be submitted in the condition it was initially leased.
  • A standard deduction will be made from the security deposit if any disfigurement is found on the copier body or in the machine.


Daniel Ross (Lessor)

Amanda Kurt (Lessee)



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