Long-Term Farm Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A long term farm lease signifies an agreement made between two interested parties with regard to leasing of land for a minimum period of six months. The lease expires automatically at the end of the definite term without triggering legal notice or actions. Thus the document must make it clear if the lease term is specifically fixed or indefinitely sanctioned.

Sample Long-Term Farm Lease

Long-Term Farm Lease

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Farm lease number: 552937

This farm lease works on the mutual decision of the tenant and the landlord, that is, Mr. Thomas Duke and Mr. Levin Idea respectively, to lease a certain plot of land on 1st December, 2009.

  • The land fixed in the agreement is 10 acres in area, with high growth prospects owing to the fertility level and soil constituents of the land. It is located at the western side of the Gigantic Gardens. At present it has no authorised operator.
  • The purpose of leasing the land is strictly agricultural in nature and the land activities and operations will remain limited to agricultural work. If any dissimilar activity is conducted without prior notice, the tenant will be slapped with a lawsuit.
  • The tenure of the lease is fixed at 6 years commencing from 5th January, 2010 to 4th January, 2016. The term will close automatically and further lease transaction will have to be notified in advance.
  • The payments with respect to the lease will have to be covered within the term and any due payment will be forced with a late fee [refer to annexure-2 for payment details].

Signature: Thomas Duke

Levin Idea

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