Long Term Lease Agreement

By | September 26, 2011

A long term lease agreement is a document which lays down the agreed portions of a lease standing on a remarkably long period of time. It includes the essentials of the lease that form central part of the legitimization of the deed. Hence it must be framed professionally by uncovering all the relevant details of the whole process.

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Sample Long Term Lease Agreement

Long Term Lease Agreement

Download Long Term Lease Agreement

This long term lease agreement (lease number 27649383) assures the fact that the stated stipulations have been agreed upon by the two parties, the lesser and the lessee, that is, Mr. Ken Disney and Mr. Bony Gordon respectively, to enter into a lease deal of an equipment.

The stipulations are as follows:

Nature of the lease: Renting of equipment (copier)

Present rate of the copier in market: $50,000 approximately

Quantity: Two copiers [vide copier model numbers CP594 and CX439]

Validity period of the lease: 9th February, 2011 to 9th February, 2016

Residential address of the lesser: 4, Madison Avenue, US

Residential address of the lessee: 8, Rose apartment, US

Names of the witnesses: Advocates Peter Anderson and Tom Hanks

Date of establishment: 4th January, 2011


  • The copiers should be kept under vigilance and not made to experience any kind of damage due to manhandling, negligence, accident and damage.
  • The payments of the monthly rentals and dues should be made on time as given in the agreement.

I hereby solemnly promise to stick to the guidelines mentioned above. The lesser will be charged with assiduous consequences if the above mentioned guidelines are not met.


Ken Disney

Bony Gordon

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