Medical Equipment Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A medical equipment lease is a concurrence between two organizations, one dealing with medical services and the other dealing with medical equipments. The former comprises of the hospitals and clinics that enter into a lease with the latter. The document serves as a hotspot of the lease elaborations made before ultimate validation. Hence, it must be framed very cautiously.

Sample Medical Equipment Lease

Medical Equipment Lease

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Equipment lease number: 7362928

This medical equipment lease sanctions a lease deal between Fortis Nursing Home and Dummy Medical Equipment Leasing Company, the lessee and the lesser respectively, who have agreed to conform to the said conditions at the time of operation of the lease.

Lease tenure:

This agreement is valid from 4th July, 2011 to 4th July, 2012.

Date of agreement:

This lease has been laid down on 6th June, 2011.

Address of the parties:

The company head office is located at 6, Fresh Gardens, UK. It can be contacted at 50384938.

The nursing home is situated at 5, Prince Mansion Road, UK. It can be reached at 37263833 on all days.

Description of medical equipments:

The name of the equipment leased out is Surgical Machine of product type Lesion, quantity being one.

Payment structure:

The cost of leasing the equipment has been granted at $5000 to be paid quarterly. An initial processing fee (tax) of $400 will be charged for the first month along with renewal cost of $500.


During the tenure, the lessee will be completely responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and stand answerable to the lesser company.

Signature: Jack Fortis

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