Mini Cooper Lease Transfer

By | April 23, 2012

The Mini Cooper Lease transfer is one of the most reputed automobile leasing dealerships. For anyone looking to get a better deal in their automobile lease can consult the Mini Cooper lease transfer services. There is complete guarantee that the tenant will get the most out of the lease deals irrespective of what the rent budget is. This company also offers free consultancy services for those transferring their lease for the first time. It is important to read the offer document carefully before plunging in. Mini Cooper also takes care of automobile tax issues, if any, during the lease transfer.

Sample Mini Cooper Lease Transfer

Mini Cooper Services has been hired for the automobile lease transfer for Mr. Wyatt Gomes.

Original lease for: Hyundai Motors 2311

Period of Lease: 4 years

New Lease For: BMW B6

New period of lease (remaining period from original lease): 3 years

Date of Transfer: 5.6.2011

Terms and Conditions of Transfer:

  • The original lease has been hereby transferred to a new and improved lease contract.
  • New rent: $4,500 per 2 months ( 32% less than the original lease rent).
  • Subject to renewal on request but new transfer charges will apply.
  • Transfer fee: $2000.
  • Security deposit of $34,000 has been refunded and a new deposit of $23,000 needs to be paid on commencement of new lease.

Mr. Gomes has read and agreed upon the new terms and conditions. He is aware of the legal consequences in case of failure to comply the same.

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