Month to Month Commercial Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A month to month commercial lease is, as clear from the term, a distinct type of lease which includes the monthly payment of rents as an important and basic factor governing the framing of the lease. The fundamental aspect of this particular lease is a month-to-month payment and it should be significantly mentioned by the leaser and also clearly understood by the lessee.

Sample Month to Month Commercial Lease:

Commercial lease no.: 5472894

It is to declare that the terms and conditions of this lease have been thoroughly read and understood by all the involved parties, owing to which it has been safely assumed that all the clauses have been well-approved by all. The detailed transaction is given below:

Leaser: M/s. Charlie Constructions

67, Lindsay Street, London

Lessee: Peter and Sons Pvt. Ltd.

56, Navy Ring Road, London

Date of commencement of lease: 1st October, 2011

Statement of lease: The lease will be valid for the corresponding month and should be paid on the first day of the next month. It can be terminated with a thirty-day prior notice.

This date is to be strictly maintained, since it is a month to month commercial lease.

Purpose: The property has been taken on lease for construction of a repair and maintenance store for industrial machine parts and equipments.

Property details:

  • Name: Store No. 27, Charlie Constructions Property
  • Address: 58, Lindsay Street, London
  • Area: 2100 sq feet
  • Price: $570000

Agreements and clauses of the lease to be noted are:

  • Rents should be paid just in time.
  • The month of validity of the lease will place property rights on the lessee, who might be penalized by law in the event of any damage caused.


Mike Thomson (lawyer)



It is thus declared by me that all legal terms have been understood and will be sincerely acted upon.

_____________________________                                         ____________________________

[Signature of leaser]                                                                     [Signature of lessee]

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