Music Equipment Lease

By | August 30, 2011

A music equipment lease stands on an agreement between a musical company and a leasing company. It is a direct contract wherein no middlemen are required and the leasing company rents out in-house products for the lease. It is an essential document laying down the crux points of the lease concurrence and demands complete understanding on part of the participants.

Sample Music Equipment Lease

Music Equipment Lease

Download Music Equipment Lease

Equipment lease number: 4527239

This equipment lease is concurred by Matrix Music Training Centre, the lessee and the Harmony Equipment Leasing Agency, the lesser. This agreement confirms a lease transaction for a valid time period of 3 years.

The following points make the heart of the lease agreement:

  • The number of musical products leased is 4, namely, Turntable (1), Speakers (1 pair), Wireless Microphones (1) and Amplifier (1).
  • The equipments have been leased for training purpose. The lessee will use the equipment for training wannabe DJs registered with the school and it has to abide by the purpose stated.
  • A security deposit, $5000, will have to be paid that has been determined on the basis of the actual cost of the machines. The rentals for the equipments are $60 for Turntable, $30 for the Speakers, $50 for the Wireless Microphones and $20 for the Amplifier. Total rental amount is thus $160 which has to be paid monthly.
  • The lease will run actively from 14th December, 2011 to 14th November, 2014.

Signature of the lessee: Love Matrix

Signature of the lesser: David Squash

Signature of the witness: Nicola Cubic [Advocate]

Date of agreement: 2nd December, 2011

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