Office Copier Lease

By | August 9, 2011

An office copier lease clearly refers to the leasing of copier machine(s), generally a considerable number of them, for official purposes. The lease should clearly place all terms and conditions inherent to its agreement so as to make the leaser as well as the lessee aware of their rights and duties, from the legal point of view.

Sample Office Copier Lease:

Lease number: 7624384

This is to confirm that I, Jeremy Gonzalves, the lessee, have taken five copiers [model: Toshiba copiers, serial nos. 1276 – 1280] on lease, for a time span of two years [14th June, 2011 – 14th June, 2013], from the leaser Mr. Tony Peterson, owner of Toshiba Group of Companies. The detailed contract has been given below:

  • The office copier lease has been commenced on the 14th day of June, 2011 and will be valid till the 14th of June, 2011
  • The copier lease involved payments in two different slots – the initial of which has already been cleared [$750000] through cheque [cheque no. 458927], while the remaining amount [$300000] will be paid on the day of lease closing.
  • The attested photocopies of the residential certificate, income statements and driving license have been duly submitted as proofs.
  • The signing of this office copier lease has been witnessed by Serena Gomes and Mr. Tom Jones [advocate].
  • Any of the copiers taken on lease, in the event of being malfunctioned or damaged during the lease term, will be recorded as a breach of conduct.
  • Such breach of contract will hold the lessee punishable under law, which might require him to pay a fine of $ 47000 or be imprisoned.


[Signature of Jeremy Gonzalves]


[Signature of Tony Pearson]

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