Office Equipment Lease

By | August 9, 2011

An office equipment lease is a document which highlights the terms and conditions that govern the hiring of office equipment by the lessee from the lessor. It is legally sanctioned and thus must be written in an appropriate manner so that it is completely accurate and watertight. There should be no ambiguity whatsoever and the office equipment lease must mention all the factors that will influence the lease deal.

Sample Office Equipment Lease:

The following document is an office equipment lease and testifies to the agreement reached between Mr. Duncan Jones of Office solutions Inc. [henceforth referred to as the lessor] and Miss Clara Summers of Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. [hence forth referred to as the lessee] regarding the leasing of office furniture by the former to the latter. The duration of the lease is twelve months or a year. The date of commencement is 1st May 2011 and the date of termination of the office equipment lease is 1st May 2012. The items to be leased by the lessor to the lessee are as follows:

  • A complete sofa set
  • Twenty chairs and fifteen work desks
  • Four computer terminal banks
  • Ten flower pots
  • Carpet for the entire floor space
  • Two false ceilings
  • Ten glass partitions

The total worth of the office equipment leased is $2000000. The lessee will have to make an initial refundable security deposit of $20000 and then continue monthly payments of $200 per month. These monthly payments have to be made by the 15th of the month.

Signature of lessor: _________________________

Signature of lessee: _________________________

Signature of advocate: _______________________

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