Office Lease Agreement

By | August 30, 2011

Office lease agreement is a document of contract signed between the lessor who leases a space to a lessee for the purpose of office set up. Such a document should essentially outline the necessary points that are to be considered by both the parties during the lease period.

You can Download the Free Office Lease Agreement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Office Lease Agreement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Office Lease Agreement

Office Lease Agreement

Download Office Lease Agreement

Office Lease Agreement 68786

This office lease agreement has been made on 5th July 2011 between Mr. Yangshi Frieda hereinafter known as the “Lessor” and Mr. Paulis Dham hereinafter known as the ‘Lessee” where it states that the lessor is the absolute owner of the premises that is being given on lease to the concern authority for office use.

Moreover, this agreement document states that the lessor has agreed to lease out the area of 1400 square meter to the lessee who has agreed to take it on a lease for a period of 2years. This premise includes Front unit/first and ground floor for the purpose of setting up an office and carrying out its function.

However, this agreement also enunciates the following points which are regulating the lease agreement.

  • The lessee agreed to give an amount of $236 prior to the beginning of lease period.
  • This lease agreement will become effective from 10th July 2011and remain valid till 12th July 2013.
  • The lessee can have unobstructed access anywhere within the stipulated premises or in the staircase landings leading to the following floors.
  • Violation of any terms might subject to legal implications.

Signature of the lessee ________________________

Signature of the lessor _________________

Date: ______________

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