Office Lease Application

By | July 11, 2012

An office lease application is written by a lessee addressed to a lessor in order to apply for leasing an office space from him/her. The office lease application form consists of the details of both the parties and also an application from the lessee giving the reasons for the need of renting the office.

These application forms are used by the lessee to express his/her willingness of paying the lease amount to the lessor. Given below is the sample of an office lease application, which can be made use at the time of reference by any person.

Sample Office Lease Application:

Lease form no.:32

Date of application: 2 July 2011

Name of the person applying for the lease: Mr. Jonathan swift

Address of the person applying for the lease: ST road, main street New York, US

Contact number: 9711032816

Name of the person to whom the application is being made: Mr. Edward Cullen

Address of the person to whom the application is being made: house no. 2, Main Street, new York, US

Contact number: 9910043541

Details of the office being leased:

Office address: New York state building, 2 floor, Howard street New York

Other details: one single office comes with a sitting area, a working table and chair. Other furnishings may be added by the lessee.

The following is the office lease application:

I, Jonathan swift would like to lease the office you have advertised for in the main column of New York Times. I am a graduate from the oxford university and have a degree in business management. I would like to take your office on lease so that I can set up my business here. I am willing to pay whatever amount you consider to be good. Hope you consider my application and reply to me soon with positive news

Thanking you

Jonathan Swift

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