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By | August 9, 2011

The online auto lease is, perhaps, the best form of auto lease for customers all around the world now-a-days. It clearly outlines all terms of an auto lease and mentions its conditions also, with no risks of hidden costs. The most advantageous part of such a lease is that one can compare a number of lease options offered by various leasing companies online and then come to the most suitable decision.

Sample Online Auto Lease:

It is to confirm that I, Marc Spielberg, have thoroughly read all the legal requisites of the auto lease presented online [website address:] and have decided to sign the lease, as lessee, with leaser Jerome Gordon, owner of Auto Companies, and take a Ford in lease [lease number: 348291, license plate number: 345L47] from 2nd day of April, 2011 till the 5th day of September, 2011.

The following details will further illustrate the contract:

  • The lease will be valid from 2nd April, 2011 to 5th September, 2011.
  • The online company swears to have clearly placed before the customer all details of the lease and no term remains hidden.
  • The initial payment of $ 28000 has been done by cheque [cheque number: 567298] and the remaining [$ 14000] is due on the closing date of the lease.
  • All required documents have been attached herein.
  • The lease has been signed in presence of Mr. Jeremy Richard [lease lawyer] and Mr. John Sheldon.
  • Any external damage or functioning inconvenience caused to the car during the term of lease will be the lesseeā€™s liability, who will be fined with an amount of $ 30000 and can also be taken to prison.

___________________________________________________________ [Marc Spielberg]

___________________________________________________________ [Jerome Gordon]


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