Parking Lease Agreement

By | August 30, 2011

Parking lease agreement is a piece of document which signifies a contract between a lessor for leasing particular parking premises to the lessee for a certain period of time. Such an agreement must include the stipulations and conditions needed to be followed by both the parties during the period of lease.

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Sample Parking Lease Agreement

Parking Lease Agreement

Download Parking Lease Agreement

This parking agreement dated as of 3rd July 2011 has been signed between the owner Mr. Richard Gomes of address 34, Leucan Street, New California USA and the tenant Mr. Serrin Joseph of address 1, Uni lane, Cross Road New California USA.

Both the parties agreed on following terms:

  • Parking Lease: The lessor or the owner hereby grants the designated lessee or the tenant a lease for using the parking garage situated at 2, Uni lane Cross Road, New California USA.
  • The term of the agreement is effective from 5th July 2011 and will remain valid till 7th July 2013.
  • The lessee is granted with the permission of using one-fourth [645.8 square meter approx] of the total parking spaces.
  • The tenant shall pay in advance an amount of $ 450 on or before the lease effective date. Apart from this, the tenant should pay an amount of $150 within the 5th day of every month. The owner may regularly increase this amount for payment by giving a prior notice of 10 days.
  • Violation of any terms and conditions might lead to legal implications.

Signature of the owner or lessor ___________________

Signature of the tenant or lessee ________________

Date ________________

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