Parking Lease Contract

By | November 2, 2011

A parking lease contract is generally signed between two parties, legally termed as the lessor party and the lessee party, who enter into a deal for taking a certain parking area on lease for a definite period of time. The parking lease is designed in such a way that all the particulars, such as the type of cars to be parked, standard size, timings, and other such details will have to be included. The contract should be framed ad presented in a clear and systematic manner, containing all relevant information.

Sample Parking Lease Contract:

This parking lease contract has been drawn especially for the parking of two cars [Car 1: Audi, model no.: NYA982A; Car 2: Honda City, model no.: NHC5638] and a truck [model number: HT347] during different intervals of time throughout the day, the time span having been specified in the enclosed document with other details of the parking particulars. The lease has been signed between Henry Rogers [address: 98, Park Street, New York], hereafter referred to as the lessee, and Mac Brown [residential address: 13, Harvey Lane, New York], hereafter referred to as the lessor, for a period of three years, commencing from the 3rd day of August 2011 and to complete on the 3rd day of August 2014. The parking area chosen is 87, Lansdowne Road, New York.

The parking lease contract includes payment of various lease amounts, rents, and taxes, in a number of installments, which have been specified in the enclosed document. This contract contains essential clauses that have been approved of and signed after complete and proper reading and understanding by both parties involved in the lease. Any conduct that goes against the conditions set in this lease will lead to legal penalties for the involved party, owing to a “breach of contract”. All the information provided herein are true to the best of the knowledge of each person or company involved.


______________________ [lessee]

______________________ [lessor]

______________________ [attorney]

______________________ [witness]

Date: 03.08.2011                                                                               Place: New York

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