Pizza Equipment Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A pizza equipment lease is a document which states the terms and conditions on which the equipment is given on lease to a pizza shop or restaurant. It is a legal document, which should be prepared with great accuracy and care. All the clauses, terms and conditions must be enlisted correctly, to avoid any confusion or discrepancy.

Sample Pizza Equipment Lease:

Lease number: 476159

This equipment lease is to certify that, I, Mr. Ronald Kerry, as lessee, have leased an equipment for pizza manufacturing (a copper machine, weighing 200 tons) from the lessor, Mr. William England, owner of the machine, on 12th of April, 2011. The period of this lease is 6 months and is valid till 12th of October, 2011. The terms and conditions are stated below:

  • Period of validity: 12th of April, 2011 to 12th of October, 2011.
  • The lessee has paid an initial amount of $ 45,000 to the lessor by means of cash. The remaining amount of $ 40,000 will be paid, when the lease period ends.
  • The lessee has submitted his address proof, his income certificate, his photo identity proof, and his firm license.
  • Mr. Harriet Bates (attorney at law) has attested the lease paper.
  • If the lessee causes any damage to the equipment, then a charge of $ 20,000 will be charged from him.
  • Any breach of contract in this regard is punishable by law.

We mutually agree to the above stated terms and conditions, and decide to enter into the contract.

________________________                                               ________________________

(Signature of lessee)                                                                         (Signature of lessor)

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