Portland Commercial Lease

By | July 9, 2012

A Portland commercial lease refers to those specific types of lease arrangements which are formulated within the state of Portland. They are governed by the laws and regulations which the state government of Portland has set up for the state. Also these leases include only those leases which are framed while dealing with properties situated in Portland only. To provide a better understanding of a Portland commercial lease, provided below is a sample of a Portland commercial lease.

Sample Portland Commercial Lease

This Portland Commercial Lease is being entered between Mr. Jonathan Gilbert, of Gilbert Realtors and Mr. Jeremy Clapton, of the Clapton Securities Pvt. Ltd. as on the 29th day of May, 2009. This document states that the Gilbert Realtors (i.e. the Lessor) have leased a commercial property to the Clapton Securities Pvt. Ltd. (i.e. the lessee).

The commercial property is located at 256, 3rd Street, Patmore Buildings, New State Complex in Portland, USA. The property in question is a commercial office space spread.

The date of commencement of lease: 1st of June 2009

Date of expiry of lease: 30th of November 2010.

  • The lease has been issued for a period of 1 year and 6 months after which the lease expires.
  • The amount to be paid for the lease has been negotiated between the said parties.
  • The lessee should be regular with the amount to be paid for the lease.
  • The parties involved agree to the terms and condition of the commercial lease which are placed by the state law of Portland.
  • Any violation to the terms of the laws shall be treated as a legal offence.

We, the under signatory hereby claim to have read and understood all the terms, while also agreeing to the legal aspect of this document.

Signature of the lesser: _____________________

Signature of the lessee: _____________________

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