Pro Tenant Commercial lease

By | April 23, 2012

The pro tenant commercial lease is a legal contract wherein the property lease which is rented is for commercial purposes and not residential. Hence, there are a lot more clauses that need to be paid attention before signing in. Such a lease needs to provide benefits to the tenants as well such as easy renewal conditions, easy payment options, maintenance obligations that the owner must fulfill etc. Since the cost involved is higher than a normal lease, it becomes mandatory for the owner to formulate a quid pro quo contract where the tenant gets equal services for the payment made.

Sample Pro Tenant Commercial Lease

The following is a pro Tenant Commercial lease for the Mr. Hans Christianson, tenant and UV Office Spaces, owner.

Purpose of drawing lease contract: Retails outlet space to be rented by Mr. Hans Christianson


The owner (UV Office Spaces) leases the concerned premises to tenant (Mr. Christianson) for an initial term beginning from.5.2011 and ending 3.5.2014. The owner will make the best effort to give tenant the possession of the lease term. He will also ensure that all maintenance and services will be provided:

  • Lease is subject to renewal with no additional charge.
  • Payments can be made at the end of each quarters.
  • Free maintenance services will be provided.


  • Payment for each quarter: $11,000
  • Additional Tax: $1,300

Both parties hereby agree to sign this legal contract and commence the leasing process. Any discrepancy in payments and other services to be provided will be subject to legal actions.

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