Real Estate Lease Application

By | September 26, 2011

A real estate lease application is a document which highlights the manner in which certain clauses shall be in operation in such a legal deal, as well as the necessary information of the deal itself. It is a document which confirms and attests the conduction of such a real estate agreement and thus, it serves as evidence and validation of the existence of the deal. It is a legally sanctioned document and must be carefully written as a result.

You can Download the Free Real Estate Lease ApplicationĀ form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Real Estate Lease ApplicationĀ is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Real Estate Lease Application:

Real Estate Lease Application

Download Real Estate Lease Application

The following is a real estate lease application which attests to the completion of the real estate lease negotiations between Home Town Realtors Pvt. Ltd. [henceforth referred to as the lessor] and Sarah Jameson of 45 A Madrigal Towers, New Jersey [henceforth referred to as the lessee]. The former shall lease a duplex bungalow of their residential township Silver Cascades to the latter for a period of twenty years, subject to revision and renewal at the completion of the duration of the real estate lease agreement. The date of commencement of the real estate lease application is 2nd June 2011 and the lease expires on 1st June 2031.

The lessee shall pay a refundable security deposit of 2 million USD through cheque to the lessor. This amount shall be handed over to the lessee at the end of the real estate lease agreement. The lessee shall also pay a monthly rental to the lessor. The bungalow to be leased is currently valued at 34 million USD by present real estate valuations.

Signature of lessor: ____________________________

Signature of lessee: ___________________________

Signature of advocate: _____________________

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