Real Estate Rental Lease Agreement

By | January 15, 2015

A real estate rental lease agreement is the agreement that is signed in between two parties when one is leasing out a piece of real estate that is owned by the other. This legal document records all the relevant information pertaining to the arrangement and can be referred back in case of any legal complications.

Sample Real Estate Rental Lease Agreement

Date of contract signing: 14th August 2014

This contract has been prepared to formalise the arrangement made between Mr. Justin Cortisone (to be referred to as the “LESSOR” in the agreement hereafter) and Mrs. Jenna Thomas (to be referred to as the “LESSEE” in the agreement hereafter).

The contract states the lessee has leased out a piece of real estate from the lessor, with the lease commencing and expiring at following dates:

Date of commencement of lease: 20th August 2014

Date of expiration of lease: 20th August 2016

Details of the lessee:

Name: Mrs. Jenna Thomas

Company Name: Garry Bo Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Correspondence Address: 5452, 6th Floor, main street, Parson Towers, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Contact No.: 453656425

Details of the lessor:

Name: Mr. Justin Cortisone

Correspondence Address: 452, Erickson Street, Gambit Towers, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Contact No.: 65746753

Details of the Apartment:

Apartment type: Warehousing facility

Description: The facility covers an area of 11oo sq. feet with easy access to major highways.

Location: 384/399, New Person Road, 12th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.

Terms of agreement:

  1. The lessee is hereon transferred the right to use the property and is also responsible for the management as well as maintenance of the property.
  2. Any sort of construction or repair procedures can be conducted on the approval of the lessor, who holds the ownership rights.
  3. The contract is legally binding and the under signatories will be punished in case of a violation.


_____________________                                                          _____________________

Mrs. Jenna Thomas                                                                       Mr. Justin Cortisone

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