Realtor Residential Lease

By | June 4, 2012

Realtor residential lease is a document that is prepared to lease out a property by realtor. Realtor is a registered real estate agent who deals in buying and selling of the properties abiding by the legal framework. These leases contain the detail about the lessee and lessor along with the specific time period for which the lease is prepared. Realtor follows a strict code of conducts and ethics in dealing with properties and its transactions. In most of the cases, the realtor is considered as lessor in the lease agreement.

Sample Lease Purchase Contract

It is hereby claimed that the realtor Ronald Peter has agreed to rent out the apartment located at F-67, Grand road, York, North Yorkshire to lessee Hedrick Thomas. The apartment is leased for the amount of $2000 with the security deposit of $ 5000. The terms and conditions of the lease are as follows:

  • The tenure for this lease will be 2 years after which the lease will either get terminated or will be renewed by the lessor.
  • The lessee is allowed to use the apartment for residence purpose and for no other purposes.
  • The apartment has to be maintained in the appropriate condition by the lessee and no damage in the premises will be managed by the lessor.
  • The above stated amount of rent must be paid in advance every month by the lessee without any demand.
  • All the utilities must be paid by the lessee.

The above-mentioned lessor and lessee must agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease and the violation of the law will be penalized.

Signature of the Lessor:                                                          Signature of the Lessee:

Date:                                                                                       Date:

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