Refinance Auto Lease

By | August 9, 2011

A refinance auto lease basically outlines the terms and conditions that come as important legal documents along with the refinancing statement. This may be done to obtain better interest rates or reduced risks. Hence such a lease document should clearly depict all details of both the contracts and should be agreed upon by both parties legally and in written form.

Sample Refinance Auto Lease:

Lease number: 5648927

This refinance auto lease has been prepared to confirm that I, Jimmy Rogers, the lessee, have decided to refinance the current auto lease [lease number: 3947816, leaser: Mr. David Jones, validity of lease: 23rd May, 2011 – 23rd August, 2011] for the automobile I have taken on lease [Model: Audi, License plate number: 546N89], from Mr. Leonardo Paulson, the owner of Automobiles Corner and my current lessor, for the time period 30th June, 2011 – 23rd August, 2011. The following are the details of this lease that have been accepted by both of us:

  • The lease has been signed on the 30th day of June, 2011 and will be valid till the 23rd of August, 2011.
  • All penalty clauses of the existing lease has been cleared [$ 45000, all costs included] and the closing fees [$ 17500] will be paid once the contract is successfully completed. The refinancing transaction fees, $30000 has also been paid, through cheque [cheque number: 6734291].
  • All identity proofs had been submitted at the very beginning of the lease and photocopies of the documents have been attached here as well.
  • The lessee will be held responsible for any breach of contract and is punishable under law, as decided by the court.


_____________________________________________________ [Jimmy Rogers]

_____________________________________________________ [Leonardo Paulson]

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