Rental Apartment Lease

By | June 4, 2012

Rental apartment lease is a document pertaining to all the details and conditions regulating the lease of the apartment between the lessor and lessee. It is an agreement asking the lessee to pay the specific amount to lessor for the use of the apartment. In this document the lessor and the lessee decides on the terms and conditions based upon the local law and decide to abide by that agreement legally.

Sample Rental Apartment Lease:

It is a rental apartment lease document which states that Mr. Carlen Ivory is giving his apartment located at T-87, Second floor, Park street, Monmouth, Gwent to Mr. John Drew on lease. The lessor is renting the apartment for 12 months and the agreement will commence from 1st July 2011.

After the completion of lease agreement, the lessor can either renew it or terminate it. The rent mentioned in the lease is $6000 per month with the deposit of $10000. The rent must reach the lessor by the first week of every month.

The tenant/lessee agrees to maintain the premises to the same condition as received initially from the owner/lessor. On the termination of the agreement the apartment must be surrendered to the lessor.

The tenant has to use the premises only for residential purposes and they cannot sub rent the premises for any other purposes without the consent of the owner.

Both the parties must adhere to all the terms and conditions and they must undergo the entire legal procedure prior to renting the apartment.

Signature of lessor: __________________________________________

Signature of lessee: __________________________________________

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